Here's What Everyone Wore at Fashion Week

Remember the scene in Mean Girls when Janis gives the full rundown on the different social circles in the cafeteria? Well, while New York Fashion Week may not consider pink cardigans the calling card of fashion’s cool girls (not this season, anyway), we can usually identify the various cliques of front-row attendees by their outfits.

Today we’re playing Janis and walking you through our very own sartorial map of the fashion week arena. From the chic fashion girls who travel in brightly colored packs as they hop between shows and lunches at Lalo to the biggest buyers in the business adorned in slick tailoring, here’s what we predict attendees will be wearing. We’ve also added outfit formulas with the perfect Victoria's Secret bras to match that make it easy to re-create their looks, making for one handy guide to mastering fashion week style.

Which fashion circle do you belong to? Keep reading to find out.

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