A Foolproof Outfit for a Day in NYC

Sara Escudero and Diego Anciano are the journeying duo behind the fashion and travel site Collage Vintage. Conceived in Spain in 2009, Collage Vintage started as Sara’s escape from the advertising world and a place to share her love for fashion and all things vintage. This hobby quickly transitioned to a full-time profession where Sara shares her effortless and novel style in a myriad of travel destinations. You can find the pair exploring Paris, Bali, New York, and Tokyo, to name a few of their favorite spots. Diego is the eye behind the camera, and together, they form a brilliant team. Below, Escudero is sharing her style insights.



Collage Vintage

It’s not the first time I'm telling you this, but just in case, I will do it again: My favorite building in New York, along with the Chrysler, is the Flatiron. I love its architecture, so whenever we are in the city, we pass by there to see it again and take new photos. Although it was really hot this day, Diego and I walked half the city. We went down from our hotel on Park Avenue to Soho, passing by the Flatiron area.

Because it was a hot weekend, I brought one of my go-to outfits for a day in the city. You really can't go wrong with a simple tee paired with a wrap skirt. I'm wearing a Sincerely Jules flowered skirt combined with a basic cotton T-shirt, hat, and rope sandals.

Keep reading to see how I'm styling this look and to shop my outfit.