You Will Either Love or Hate This Major 2017 Swimwear Trend

From the nothing shoe to flesh-toned designer flats for all skin tones, there seems to be no shortage of the nude trend when it comes to fashion. And according to a new report, the beige shade is making its way right into 2017 and well through the summer.

According to Racked, data from Polyvore reveals "nude swimsuits" is the top trending style right now for all things swim-related, with a 145% increase in search over last year. Racked believes the trend-setting Kardashian-Jenner sisters and their in-demand stylist Monica Rose could be the reason behind the trend, noting that the famous sisters are "all about skintight, skin-toned garments right now." Case in point: Kendall Jenner's bodycon knit dress and Kylie Jenner's see-through skirt, which she cleverly styled with, what else, but a nude bodysuit. Kardashian-Jenner effect or not, we're certain we'll be seeing a lot more of the nude trend all year long.

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