Pack These Dresses, Leave the Steamer at Home, and Thank Me Later


Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

I'm not sure that anyone actually likes packing, including me. (But if you do, please tell me your secrets.) I dread each moment of the process, from making a packing list to the last-minute scramble and everything in between. Due to the resulting stress that packing causes me, I'm constantly bookmarking tricks in my brain that will hopefully make my next packing extravaganza a little less painful.

One of my go-to tricks when packing involves dresses, and it's one that I find especially handy when traveling to a wedding or for another special occasion that requires a dress: Opt for lace dresses. There are tons of options on the market, from casual to very fancy, and because of the lace overlay, they don't show wrinkles like, say, a silk or poplin dress does, which means you can pack an extra pair of shoes instead of a steamer. Just be sure to choose a dress that's all lace, as opposed to just having lace trim or lace panels. And keep in mind that eyelet is not lace and will definitely turn into a wrinkled mess in your suitcase.

Shop my favorite lace dresses to pack below.