Exclusive: Nina Garcia's 5 Favorite Fashion Hacks of All Time

Nina Garcia is nothing if not a bona fide expert on fashion tips and tricks. Not only is she the creative director of Marie Claire, but the longtime judge of Project Runway has years of experience watching designers create, deconstruct, and repair garments in impossibly short timeframes. She’s seen enough to be accurately classified a savant on the matter.

As such, it makes perfect sense that Garcia is teaming up with hacks site Trusper as an official ambassador for fashion hacks. We sat down with her to pick her brain about what she thinks makes a fashion hack so useful.

“I love fashion hacks because they help woman get the most out of their clothes,” Garcia tells us. “Fashion hacks can help us make those hard-to-care-for pieces look their best, and help us make those items that may be too big or too small look like they fit perfectly. It’s empowering for women to have some tricks up their sleeve to help them look their best.”

Amen! Keep scrolling to read Nina Garcia’s top five fashion hacks ever, which she learned from her time on Project Runway.