Nina Dobrev Plays Kiss, Marry, Kill: The Trend Version


Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

As we near the end of summer, fashion girls have a gamut of things to look forward to—from fashion week to fall layering and, of course, September issues. Harper by Harper's Bazaar is one to add to your reading list. Each issue is guest-edited by an influential It girl (the roster includes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Emily Ratajkowski, Hannah Bronfman, and Alexa Chung for the magazine's debut). Actress Nina Dobrev serves as guest editor and cover star of the September issue of Harper. At the private party, presented by Sephora, to celebrate the edition, we caught up with Dobrev to discuss her favorite fashion pieces and played a little game of Kiss, Marry, Kill—the trend version.

"I'll marry skinny jeans," Dobrev admitted with little hesitation. "I could never not wear skinny jeans—I love them so much." For "kill," it was a bit trickier, but Dobrev eventually landed on a controversial trend. "Those clogs—Crocs! I would kill Crocs," she confessed. "And kiss? Trench coats," she decided. "Every once in a while, you feel like a nice Burberry trench coat. But that's just like per occasion. It's like a special-occasion type of thing." Kiss, Marry, Kill aside, one particular fashion trend Dobrev spilled that she's loving right now is wearing a jacket over the shoulders, arguably the most stylish way to tackle the oncoming transitional weather. "So that way you can commit to it, not have it, but it's sort of a little more chic and effortless in my opinion," explained Dobrev.

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