Nike Features Regular Women Working Out (in Cool Sports Bras)

We loved when Nike featured normal women who hate working out in an ad campaign last year. And, as Refinery29 pointed out, the activewear brand is again highlighting regular people (like all of us!) in a series on Instagram to promote their new sports bra line. Head over to @NikeWomen and you'll spot, as R29 said, non–straight-sized women, including model Paloma Elsesser and yoga instructor Claire Fountain, as well as Katelin Sisson and DJs Angel and Dren. As R29 mentioned, the responses on social media about this series have been very positive, praising Nike for highlighting body equality. We couldn't agree more!

The bras the women are wearing are from Nike's new Nike Pro Bra collection (which stocks five silhouettes). Each Instagram post is also accompanied with a fact and tip about sports bras, including how to find the perfect fit and how to wear one.

Keep scrolling to check out the gorgeous Instagram images from Nike. Plus, go a bit further to shop a few of the bras too.

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