This Was Nike's Most Successful Sneaker Release Ever

It's safe to say that Nike has launched a lot of new sneakers in its 53-year history. But as it turns out, there's one style that tops them all: the Nike Space Jam XI sneakers. (Yes, they're named after the classic 1996 animated movie.) Per Business of Fashion, the Nike Inc. President Trevor Edwards explained the significance of the shoes in a phone call with analysts: "The Space Jam XI was the largest and most successful shoe launch in the history of Nike," Edwards stated. Now that's saying something.

The shoes originally debuted in December 2016 and retailed for $220. But if you want a piece of history, you might be out of luck: Naturally, the shoes promptly sold out. Who's up for eBay sleuthing?

Read on to see Nike's "most successful" sneakers, and keep scrolling to shop our other picks from the brand.

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