No, Your Shorts Don't Look "Crazy," Nicole Kidman

There's no denying it—Nicole Kidman looks good. The actress, fresh off of her turn in the buzzy HBO drama Big Little Lies, is now back in Nashville giving us all a dose of Southern fashion with a cool-girl twist. In a spread for Love, Kidman is trying out trends and brands that look as good on Kidman at 50 as they do on women half her age. Case in point: Kidman rocking out in a Réalisation dress that's also been spotted on Bella Hadid.

Kidman remarked in the interview, "Little denim shorts, right? I thought about that afterward. I was like, what was I doing? I lost my mind! How are the shots? Do they look crazy?" There's no way Kidman looks crazy; in fact, she is serving up major style inspiration in each and every shot. Curious to see more? Check out a few of our favorite images from the shoot below, and then head to Love's website to learn more about the latest issue!