10 Style Tricks That Will Bring Out the Next-Level You

We’ve already been fortunate enough to pick Banana Republic Creative Director (and all-around style wizard) Marissa Webb’s brain about the items we need in our closet, and learned her incredibly wise tips for jeans shopping. But this week’s edition of “Ask A Stylist” might just trump them both.

With experience in just about every facet of fashion and retail, Webb is a bona fide expert when it comes to styling. So, naturally, we had to get her thoughts on the simple styling tricks every woman can incorporate into her life—the ones that are not only easy to pull off, but also incredibly effective.

Keep scrolling to see Webb’s 10 styling tricks that promise to bring out the best you! 

There is beauty to an imperfectly rolled cuff. It adds a little bit more personality.

Experiment with layers and play with proportions that might be out of your comfort zone. You’d be surprised by what works!

In order to be able to wear my heels and pumps during the winter months, I just wear cute little ankle socks.

A super-easy styling trick is to go for a monochrome look. Try matching your pants to your pumps to your top.

Another great styling trick is adding a statement necklace to an otherwise basic outfit, or using bright colored accessories to pump up T-shirts and jeans.

To get that perfect slouchy look on top, don’t be afraid to shop in the men’s section for easy shirts and tees that can be paired with your skinny jeans.

Invest in a great blazer; it always helps to polish off an otherwise casual outfit.

Scarves: My lazy day trick. Just throw on a graphic or colorful scarf to add interest to any look.

If you’re not feeling great, or your eyes are tired and puffy, emphasize your lips with a bold color. This will draw attention away from your eyes.

If your shoes have stretched out a bit or are just a fraction too big, pad the inside toe with cotton balls.

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