The New York Streetwear Brand You Need to Know Now

Kith, a store and clothing line in New York City, has been known for its pieces that smartly blend streetwear and activewear since its men's collection began in 2012. The collections have always been known for their discreetly branded clothes available in only small, limited-edition quantities. 

Founder Ronnie Fieg noticed, however, that the sizes that would sell out most quickly were in the smaller range and often ended up being shipped to women. It was then that he decided to start a womenswear line, and it's now become available and has its own storefront in New York. The womenswear design team, led by a Public School alum, produced over 60 pieces for the collection that are all lightweight and incredibly versatile for style and season.

"It's a response to how women are dressing now," Fieg told Fashionista. "However your day-to-day life goes, you want to give women that ability to wear something all the way through."

Scroll down to see and shop some of our favorite looks from Kith's new womenswear collection!