Don’t Go to NYC This Summer Without This Guide

Summer is, without a doubt, the best time to experience New York City. The streets begin to buzz with caffeinated energy; outdoor cafes are speckled with couples, girl gangs and tourists happily sipping brunch cocktails at dusk; and of course, the really great summer outfits come out to play.

Nothing captures that vibrancy more than TV Land’s Younger, one of our favorite shows where New York is just as much a character as Hilary Duff’s Kelsey Peters. It’s hard not to want to experience summer in the city when the cast of the hit show regularly shows off some of the best Manhattan has to offer. After binge-watching the NYC-set show (we honestly can’t wait for the new season to start on June 28th), we’re feeling the magic of the city all over again. If you’re like us and jonesing for a trip, we put together our just-the-hits guide to the city’s best for your touring pleasure. With some classic hits and the latest greatest.

Hover over a location below to find out where you should be seen this summer. We guarantee it’ll be your most memorable (and fashionable) summer yet.

Now that you know where to go in NYC, here’s what you should wear.