We Got a Celebrity Stylist to Reinvent Our Go-To Outfits

One  early September morning in Los Angeles, in a cool Arts District loft, celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich is elbow-deep in a rack of Madewell jeans. Ehrlich–who has topped lists of the industry’s most powerful stylists time and time again, and (perhaps most importantly) is responsible for some of Margot Robbie’s most devastating red carpet looks–is in the midst of a very different assignment to her usual glitzy gowns: Finding new season jeans for three highly opinionated, style-savvy fashion influencers. Top priorities: Cool denim outfits that are all about great fit and maximum personal style (versus simply being walking F/W 18 trend billboards).

"Jeans are a great wardrobe staple to accentuate the things someone loves about their body, or diminish the things they might not like so much,” Ehrlich explains, telling us that Madewell is her go-to spot for denim that manages to be both timeless and on-trend. “Madewell has jeans for everyone—between the styles, the cuts, and the touch of the jean, it ticks off all the boxes that a stylist is always looking for”.