The Undiscovered T-Shirt Brand That's Bound to Blow Up


Congo Studio

Thanks to platforms like Instagram and Etsy, we’ve discovered countless brands from across the world that we may have never known otherwise. One recent find comes courtesy of a late-night scroll on the former, which led us to an even later-night shopping spree on the latter.

It was the account of Congo Studio (an artwork and paper goods shop based in Barcelona) that caught our attention with its moody pictures of girls wearing the coolest T-shirts. Given how much we’ve been craving message tees lately, these are right up our alley—each one embroidered in the right-hand corner with a word or two inspired by some of America’s greatest authors and directors. Referencing everyone from David Lynch to Anne Sexton, founder Laia Blesa wanted to focus on “artists who dare us to dream and take us in search of that inner self.” We love fashion with a deeper meaning, so consider us very much sold.

Scroll down to check out the collection…