This Unique Summer Trend Is Insanely Flattering

It's true that we've been seeing a movement toward cropped trousers that showcase your footwear. However, after sifting through a few recent rounds of street style snaps, we realized that the opposite silhouette is actually just as forward right now. That's right—we're talking longer pants (complete with a cutout detail on the side) that cover the top part of your shoes.

Why do we love this look? There's something incredibly slimming about it. The longer hem—escpecially with pointed stilettos—elongates your leg, creating a long and lean look overall. Plus, the style is incredibly versatile. You can wear these trousers with a polished top for work or with a fun blouse for a night out.

Go on to check out a few of our favorite fashion girls testing out the trend—and go a bit further to shop inspired trousers.