Low-Carb Clothing? It's Not Quite What You Think

In honor of Earth Day, the eco-friendly brand Reformation designed a 10-piece collection featuring items produced with the lowest carbon print possible. Called the Low-Carb collection, it kicks off the brand's latest initiative to promote and educate shoppers about sustainable fashion. And get this: There's an eco-gauge (aka RefScale) on every item. Intrigued? Keep reading.

RefScale will now be available for every piece of clothing on the site to inform the customers on how much of an impact their purchase has on the environment. It compares Reformation’s impact on water and CO2 with that of traditional manufacturing methods and other environmental measures. You can find the RefScale by clicking the globe icon in the details section on the shopping page.

Scroll down to shop our favorite pieces from the Low-Carb collection, and head over to Reformation to learn more about the RefScale.