4 On-the-Rise Actresses Every Movie Fan Needs to Know

Dramatic plots, scream queens, sci-fi legacies, and tons of spectacle—you’ll find this all in spades when it comes to the buzziest, can’t-miss films of fall 2017. It’s the kind of stuff movie magic is made of, but what’s more, the latest big-screen projects are bringing with them some major star power… even if you don’t know all their names yet.

Below are four of the talented, whip-smart, and—yes—stylish actresses standing out. These women are not all necessarily new to the industry, but this year marks the next step in their careers. Specifically, this includes such feats as taking on a lead role in the much-anticipated Blade Runner 2049 and appearing opposite a star-studded cast re-creating the “greatest show on earth.”

Ahead, get familiar with the new guard of actresses on the rise.