People Are Saying This Is the Next Big Legging Trend

Since you’ve already read about the legging styles that are in and out this season, today we’re sharing what’s next for the athleisure industry and the biggest legging trend to try before everyone else. To gain this insider information, we reached out to athletic wear expert and Bandier founder Jennifer Bandier for her valuable knowledge. According to the workout wear guru, “The next big trend in leggings is actually sweats. We’re seeing customers swap leggings for sweats, especially for dance classes. Some of our top-selling brands are Monrow and Aviator Nation,” she recently shared with us. Think along the lines of incredibly slim sweats that look like they could be traditional leggings.

Heard it here first—and to be honest, many of our editors have also started noticing this shift in the street style world. So if you’re looking to make a legging purchase, get ahead of the trend and go for a sweatpant-inspired style. We can already see celebrities like Bella Hadid and Rihanna opting for this laid-back legging look. To make your purchase easy, we’ve shopped the trend to bring you the most stylish options on the market.

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