Is This the Next Big Fast-Fashion Retailer?

What brand is the next Zara, H&M, or Topshop? According to Forbes, it may be the Angola-based company RBS. As the leading fast-fashion retailer in Angola, RBS is now setting its sights on European domination.

Five years ago, founder Rui Silva opened his first store, where he sold overstock from major retailers like Zara. Soon, he realized he could be successful with his own label. "You have to understand that the African body type is different from the European body type, so I was getting a lot of feedback regarding that," Silva told Forbes. "It was after this feedback that we decided to turn RBS into an Angolan fast-fashion brand, catering to the needs of the African consumer."

Lisbon, Portugal, will be RBS's first store outside of Africa. After that? Only time will tell how big the company will prove to be. 

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