The New Engagement Ring Trends That Are Gaining Major Traction

We all have a preference when it comes to engagement rings. We're talking round, pear, diamond, another colored gem, and so on here. Clearly, there’s no “better” choice when it comes to style (it’s totally up to personal preference). But, there are certain cuts and shapes that are more “in” right now than others. About to tie the knot and looking for inspiration?  We tapped three experts from Brilliant Earth, Ritani, and James Allen to spill on the engagement ring trends that will be big this season. Trust us, there's something for everybody here.

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"Distinctive twists on classic halo settings are becoming even more sought after! Whether it's choosing a fancy shaped diamond (cushion cuts are especially popular) or a more intricate design, like our Alvadora Diamond Ring, couples like the look of a halo ring but with a twist that makes it feel unique to their style." — Kathryn Money, VP of strategy, Brilliant Earth

"The halo engagement ring for us has consistently been a top performer, as have been the classic princess-cut solitaire set in platinum." — Mark Keeney, VP of marketing, Ritani

"Couples still love the classic blue sapphire, but they're more interested than ever in more distinctive colored gemstones, like aquamarine, morganite, or amethyst. Our new Primavera Collection speaks to that trend with exclusive pieces designed to highlight the gem's color." — Kathryn Money

"While the large majority of brides are still opting for diamonds, there is a growing popularity of gemstones being used in engagement rings. The most popular gemstone is the blue sapphire. These colored stones are popping up both as a center stone for the ring, as well as serving as accents on either the halo or the band." — Oded Edelman, CEO and co-founder, James Allen

"The most popular engagement ring shape is still the tried-and-true round diamond, however many brides are showing off their personality and individuality through unique diamond shapes such as pear, oval, or marquise." — Oded Edelman

"Brides love one-of-a-kind Art Deco pieces, and we're seeing that translate into demand for contemporary styles that echo the Art Deco era's clean lines and bold geometric shapes. The interesting kite-shaped halo of our Cometa Diamond Ring speaks to that style." — Kathryn Money

"Yellow-gold engagement rings has recently increased in recent months as oval-shaped engagement rings, thanks in part to celebrity engagements." — Mark Keeney

"Vintage-style engagement rings take us back to another era with their delicate detailing and personal touches. These rings are romantic and beautiful and stand out in a crowd." — Oded Edelman

"The vintage trend has only been growing, and contemporary rings with light vintage touches, like filigree, engraving, or milgrain beading, are especially sought after right now." — Kathryn Money

"Emerald cut stones is really an example of a vintage look that has not gone out of style." — Mark Keeney

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Opening Image: Margo and Me and The Chriselle Factor