Recap: These Are the Biggest Denim Trends of 2017 (So Far)



If we know you as well as we think we know you, you're probably addicted to jeans—so are we. When your addiction is as consuming as ours is, there is no such thing as one too many pairs. So yes, you guessed it, we are here to inform you of a few new denim trends you should be investing in now because sometimes the classics just aren't enough. Yes, a great pair of classic Levi's can get you through your day-to-day, but for those mornings (or nights) when you feel like stepping a little outside of the box but still want to experience the comfort of a great pair of denim, these are the trends for you. 

This year so far, we have seen a rise in some of the most forward-thinking denim trends we've seen in a while, and we are very pleased. From our coined term, "shadow jeans," to a few styles that require a little more courage to try, 2017 is proving it is easily one of the coolest years for jeans yet, and we're happy to be alive and kicking to try these trends for ourselves. 

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