Peekaboo Jeans: The Coolest New Denim Trend


A Love Is Blind

How often do you wear jeans, even for a night out? If you're anything like us, the answer is all the time. Well, we are currently crushing on Y/Project's scandalous assortment of denim that was basically made to be worn out on the town by cool girls everywhere. The brand has been churning out jeans with cutouts in extremely unconventional places that we would rather you see for yourself (below) than describe in writing. We are coining this denim trend "peekaboo jeans"—for obvious reasons—and are willing to wager you'll have a lot of opinions about them.

This denim trend definitely requires a little risk-taking, but the result, as proven by Gigi Hadid, is well worth it. Since the jeans make enough of a statement on their own, we recommend styling yours with a simple bodysuit or T-shirt. Ahead, we have shopped out some of our favorite versions of Y/Project's peekaboo jeans, including the pair that turns into shorts (sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger).

Scroll down to see our favorite images of this new denim trend and to shop our picks.