These Are the Fresh Faces You Need to Look for on Every Red Carpet

Summer is the season for being outside and always keeping your social calendar stocked with occasions to dine alfresco and wear your favorite slinky dresses on repeat. Or is it? We’re making a strong case for the opposite. After all, if the landscape of summer film and TV is any indication, there are so many good reasons to stay close to the AC with your eyes fixed on the silver (or small) screen—and you can thank the following soon-to-be-huge actresses for that.

Be it one of the newest (and youngest) faces in Sofia Coppola’s latest must-see, a comedic actress about to be at the center of your next Netflix binge, or the woman who’ll soon dazzle (and possibly petrify) audiences with her role in The Mummy, the talented women below are much more than summer flings. They’re a compilation of some of the actresses—and inevitable red carpet stars—on the verge of major stardom that’ll last well into the cooler months.

So cancel your plans, throw a cardigan over that sundress, and lean into the laziest version of your summer self as you catch up on the best of what Hollywood has to offer. Where to begin?

Let the fresh faces of summer 2017, below, guide the way… in their own words.



Rokas Rach

WHO: Sofia Boutella

WHAT: Boutella has been a fashion-world favorite for a while. The dancer has landed campaigns with Nike and found herself seated front row at fashion week. But in her upcoming role, Princess Ahmanet in The Mummy, the Algerian-French actress flexes her muscles to play the film’s antagonist, a onetime Egyptian princess who’s returned to wreak havoc on humanity. Can you say range? See Boutella in what’s sure to be one of the most talked-about movies of the summer when it debuts June 9.

The biggest challenge in playing my role of Ahmanet in The Mummy is… “the amount of sitting in the makeup chair for the look. One time it took over six hours! Another is to channel the rage and anger she feels, making my role come to life. It was a challenge but in a good way.”

Surprisingly, the one thing I do have in common with my character is that… “we’re both from Africa.”

My background in dance has prepared me for my acting careers because… “it taught me discipline and the value of hard work.”

As far as my own sense of style, I describe it as… “My sense of style has amnesia. It depends on how I wake up in the morning.”

But if I ever had the chance to switch closets, I’d definitely pick… “my grandmother’s. She had an elegant, classic style. She made her own clothes with fabrics such as silks from China.”

Any day I’m not working, you’ll always find me wearing… “comfortable tracksuits, T-shirt and jacket, and always my Dr. Martens.”

The last fashion purchase I made was… Jillian Dempsey jewelry.”

The three things currently sitting in my shopping cart waiting to be purchased are… suspenders with wide-leg pants, perfect white tees, and I’m on the search for a perfect vintage summer dress.”



Adam Haddrick

WHO: Angourie Rice

WHAT: Landing a role opposite Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Colin Farrell under the direction of Sofia Coppola would be a career milestone for any actress. And Rice is living the dream at just 16 years old as she plays the role of Jane in The Beguiled. Later this year, Rice will promote her next role, of Betty Brant in the anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming, but trust: You’ll want to see this Australian actress pour on the Southern charm (and chills) in Coppola’s Civil War–era thriller when it premieres June 23.

The biggest challenge in playing my role of Jane in The Beguiled is… “the Southern belle accent. I had to practice a lot to get the accent right. Funny enough, the hardest word for me to say was Jane. Also, eating lunch in a corset was quite challenging. All the girls would lie down for five minutes after lunch before starting work again.”

The best part about being one of the youngest cast members of The Beguiled is… “being able to see professional, talented people at work. I’ve loved Sofia’s work for a while, and I was so excited to get to work with her. The whole cast of The Beguiled was so much fun to work with—I couldn’t wait to get to set every day. The sense of community was really strong, and that made it a great shoot. I learned a new thing every day. Did you know that in Louisiana, people pin money to your clothes on your birthday?”

As far as my own sense of style, I describe it as… “mostly simple, sometimes a bit outrageous. For example, I own two T-shirts with a drawing of my dog printed on them.”

But if I ever had the chance to switch closets, I’d definitely pick… “Emma Watson’s closet. I really admire how she only wears sustainable fashion on the red carpet; I think it’s very important to keep our world clean.”

The three things currently sitting in my shopping cart waiting to be purchased are… “this chiffon pleated mid-length skirt from Uniqlo. I love swishy skirts, and this particular one is gorgeous. I also love the burgundy color.

“This checked open-back wrap dress from Ora Ethical Fashion. This brand works with a community of women in Jodhpur, Northern India, who handcraft the garments using ethically and sustainably sourced Indian fabrics. Aside from their amazing philosophy, their garments are gorgeous. The fabric is sensational, and I love how simple and clean this particular dress is.

“This black wrap jumpsuit from The Only. I love jumpsuits because you don’t have to worry about coordinating a top and a bottom.”



Diana Ragland

WHO: Logan Browning

WHAT: While this Atlanta native’s résumé is stacked with credits ranging from before her teen years, Sam White in Netflix’s Dear White People marks Browning’s biggest, and arguably most impressive, role to date. Streaming currently, the show—an expansion of the 2014 movie by the same name—tackles race, racism, and identity in a smart and satirical way, with this lead actress at the center of so many of the show’s most intriguing and thought-provoking plotlines.

The biggest challenge in playing my role of Sam in Dear White People is… “not stealing her wardrobe! Ceci, our costume designer, outdid herself with every character’s fashion profile. Wardrobe is an integral part in channeling a character, and Sam’s closet is inspired by Lisa Bonet in A Different World and Annie Hall with a militant flair throughout.”

Surprisingly, the one thing I have in common with my character is that… “we see race and color, but we don’t judge or limit our experiences because of it. I’m always really annoyed when people say they ‘don’t see color,’ because to me that means they aren’t seeing someone’s full beauty. I see color because I was born with color, and at a certain point in life, my parents and society showed me all of its magic and all of its strife. I, however, hope I always will so that I can appreciate everyone’s individuality and stand up for people when they’re treated unjustly because of it.”

The roles that I’m most passionate about pursuing in the future must…be a part of a film that reveals the humanity of our homeless brothers and sisters. I want to shine a positive and supportive light on that community rather than just showing them as the background in a film set in a city. I’m also a huge action movie fan. I would love to wear a dope bodysuit and kick some ass!”

As far as my own sense of style, I describe it as… “evolving. I was once very eclectic and eccentric with my style, but recently I have found the beauty in simplicity.”

But if I ever had the chance to switch closets, I’d definitely pick… “Something avant-garde or period-specific. I love people with flamboyantly edgy style—funky accessories and clothes that make you look like a rock star. On the flip side, it would be stellar to go full chic and morph into Victoria Beckham.”

The three things currently sitting in my shopping cart waiting to be purchased are… Sisley Flower Gel Mask. This mask is KING! It’s an ultra-hydrating mask that you leave on your face and then just dab to remove the excess after a few minutes.

“Diptyque L’Eau Rose and Tam Dao. These two fragrances make the perfect balance of feminine and musk for the summer.

“And the Sahara Set from Free People so I can lounge around all summer and still look super chic.”



Tiffany Nicholson

WHO: Betty Gilpin

WHAT: Actresses don’t only simply act nowadays. Their roles call for them to dance, play an instrument, or, in the case of Gilpin, wrestle. The comedic talent will bring her skills to the Netflix original Glow, in which she’ll star opposite Alison Brie and Marc Maron as Debbie, an ex–soap opera star… who’s pursuing pro wrestling… in the ’80s. Honestly, if that’s not enough to switch your evening plans to the indoors, what is? Glow debuts June 23.

The biggest challenge in playing my role of Debbie in Glow is… “As a transparent-vampire-skinned pale person, I had to get the carwash version of a spray tan to look like a 1980s California soap star. So not screaming when I looked in the mirror was an adjustment. We tried press-on nails for the first episode, but that was short-lived. Everything else about Debbie was pretty damn fun.”

Having worked in live theater and TV, the roles that I’m most excited to bring to live next are… “I’m 30, which in actress time means I’ve been dead for four years. Just kidding. But I have noticed the roles are starting to change a little as you move into a different age bracket—when you’re in your early 20s, it’s a lot of lip-biting and eye-rolling and reacting to the guy, who gets to do all the fun stuff. I’m looking forward to roles where you get to be the scary clown. That’s more my wheelhouse—minimalism wasn’t really a Gilpin family tenant.”

As far as my own sense of style, I describe it as… “Kardashian hand-me-downs in the forest. It’s a lot of tight thermal long-sleeve shirts and tight stretchy jeans. I’ve come a long way from the teals and purples of my theater school wizard stripper clothes… but I’ve got a long way to go.”

But if I ever had the chance to switch closets, I’d definitely pick… I love Ashley Graham’s style. It’s kind of Katherine Hepburn meets Jessica Rabbit, and it’s everything.”

When it comes to the red carpet, I prefer to wear… “I have curves that send me regularly to the chiropractor, so it can be daunting to choose what to wear to fancy things, since not many people design for boobs and booties. I connect so much to styles from the ’40s and ’50s, when everyone designed for the Marilyns of the world.”

The three things currently sitting in my shopping cart waiting to be purchased are… gray Toms. So boring, but New York summers are no joke, and flip-flops in the city every day are a surefire way to get medieval-fee. I wear these into the ground.

“Reformation wrap dress, my answer for big boobs at summer weddings.

“Panache Lingerie Andorra bra. This is the bra. It’s the one. Stop dating other bras, because this is your brasband and your brife.”



Jason Goodrich

WHO: Ruth Kearney

WHAT: The Irish actress is back for the second season of Netflix’s Flaked. While she plays the role of London, opposite Will Arnett, the actress is no stranger to television, with other memorable credits including Jess Parker in Primeval and Daisy Locke in The Following. Season two of Flaked just debuted June 2, and in case you still haven’t seen the first one, well, that’s the beauty of Netflix.

The biggest challenge in playing my role of London in Flaked is… “being away from home, but it’s not the worst thing, having to live and film in Venice.”

Surprisingly, the one thing I do have in common with my character is… “that I’ve been a waitress many times and have landed in Venice Beach with not much of a plan hoping to find some kind of adventure.”

When it comes to creating good TV and playing interesting characters, I’ve been most influenced by… “interesting, brave, funny, and unique actors. Most recently I’ve been watching Girls and think Lena Dunham is brilliant in what she creates.”

As far as my own sense of style, I describe it as… “easygoing high street with a love of vintage.

But if I ever had the chance to switch closets, I'd definitely pick… “Kate Moss, Quentin Jones, Elin Kim. They have fun with clothes but never look like they are slaves to trends.”

The three things currently sitting in my shopping cart waiting to be purchased are… “Rejina Pyo Marta Cuff Blouse, the Stella McCartney Falabella Box Wicker mini shoulder bag, and anything from Kate Moss’s new jewelry line.”