The Dress Style Fashion Insiders Love

When it comes to trends, sometimes it’s the under-the-radar ones that we become so enamored with that we’re left with no other option than to obsess and obsess until we make you, dear readers, fall in love with them too. Today, that obsession manifests itself in the form of the net dress. Though a rarity, this summery statement item has popped up over the last few years on some of our favorite fashion insiders (most recently on the streets of Paris during couture week, as you’ll see below).

Why do we love it so much? For starters, it’s like the cool cousin to the slip dress. And if it’s in a cheerful color or an extra-holey net, even better. However, it can be tricky to track down these frocks. One quick sweep on the internet for a “net dress” and you’ll be inundated with some figure-hugging, racy numbers perhaps meant for a behind-closed-doors scenario (wink, wink).

But because we’re fixated on owning our very own before the end of summer, we rounded up the best looks and products we could find to get the hunt going.

See below for our favorites, and if you know where to score the perfect net dress, do share in the comments!