The Throwback Jewelry Trend That's All Over Instagram

For me, Carrie Bradshaw wasn't the driving force behind my love for the nameplate necklace. When I was a 15-year-old living in Brooklyn, the piece of jewelry seemed like a rite of passage at the time. But whether you jumped on the Sex and the City trend or can trace the look back to your favorite '80s hip-hop artist, it seems like the accessory has become a bit more ubiquitous recently, as seen on the likes of models like Bella Hadid or Paloma Elsesser. And thankfully so!

The best part about wearing a nameplate (again) is that there are so many ways to do it. Opt for dangling letters or a delicate gold ID bar or don't even put your name on it at all—go for whatever word means the most to you. So unless you have a favorite design still tucked away in storage, shop some of the new iterations of the classic pieces of jewelry ahead.

Click in for some of the coolest nameplate necklaces available right now.