These Shoes Make the Naked Trend Wearable (Seriously)


Getty Images 

The naked trend has undoubtedly swept the nation this year—and not just the celebrity nation, although they can probably be credited for making it as mainstream as it is today. But even its moniker is enough to scare much of the non-celebrity crowd away. We'll be the first to admit that it's not the most accessible look, but ever since we spotted Victoria's Secret Angel Elsa Hosk rocking a naked maxi skirt with sneakers earlier this summer, we've seen the trend in a new light.

There's no denying that the naked trend with stilettos is one of the most alluring looks of the year, with many celebs opting for the outfit pairing on the red carpet. But Hosk's chill take on it made us realize that sneakers make ultra-sheer pieces infinitely more wearable, as they lend a sporty vibe that tones down the in-your-face quality of the naked trend. Inspired by Hosk's look, we set out on a mission to find other successful examples of the outfit combination, and sure enough, many celebrities and fashion insiders have also taken it out for a spin. So without further ado…

Read on to see naked pieces paired with sneakers IRL, and shop sheer items and sneakers that would look perfect together.