Thanks to colorful outfit choices and de-bundled ensembles, this month's crop of MySpace Muses has us humming "Here Comes the Sun" and working on our warm-weather style. The timing is perfect: after all, what are the free and easy days of summer if not a time to experiment with awesome ensembles? The longer days just mean more opportunities to change your clothes, right? Indeed! As such, we were delighted to find such a wild array of ladies wearing everything from peek-a-boo leggings to shrunken vests to bold turquoise stripes. Just look to these fashion-forward examples for inspiration; they're the best way to free yourself from feeling the June gloom.

Skinny jeans and lace-up boots blend well with a floral frock.
Our first muse, Jen, 24, from Georgia, teaches us a little something about what it takes to master modern Southern-belle style! Although skinny jeans tucked into lace-up boots is not necessarily something Scarlett O'Hara would don, Jen sweetened up these city-girl standard pieces by pairing them with a floral frock. Achieve your own version of Jen's budding personal style with JET's Bolt Pocket Skinny Jeans ($159) and your favorite ankle booties. We like LD Tuttle's The Prospect ($550) version for a trendy take on a closet staple