How to Make Mules Look More Flattering

If there’s a single shoe style that’s dominating the fashion scene this spring, it’s the mule. While mules have been picking up steam for a few seasons now, a combination of (finally) open-toe–appropriate weather and peak Gucci fever has resulted in their heightened popularity, signaling to us that the trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This popularity, however, is in spite of the fact that the mule isn’t necessarily the most flattering shoe style around—especially in comparison to, say, a simple pair of two-strap heels. With this in mind, we’ve narrowed in on two (easy) things to keep in mind when wearing and shopping for mules to make them look as flattering as possible. They are:

  1. Opt for a neutral color that's as close to your own skin tone as possible.
  2. If you do buy them in black, look for mules with a low vamp, meaning the front portion of the shoe covers as little of your foot as possible.

Nude shoes are flattering in any style because they blend in with your legs, thus elongating them. If you, too, tend to buy shoes in black, the low vamp will help to also elongate your legs by covering less of your feet.

And there you have it! Scroll through to see what we mean and shop each tip!

Have you gotten on board with the mule trend yet? Tell us in the comments!