The Most Stylish Sex and the City Star, According to Alexa Chung

While we’ve quizzed you on which Sex and the City star most reflects your style, if you had to dub one of the ladies as the most stylish, who would it be? Carrie? Charlotte? Samantha? Or Miranda? While most would jump in quickly and confidently with Carrie Bradshaw, Alexa Chung has a different opinion. While recently playing a little game of Would You Rather on Vogue’s Snapchat, the British celebrity named Samantha as her number one.

“I think, weirdly, Samantha had the better wardrobe. I know it seems like a shocker, but that’s true. So, Samantha,” Chung responded. If you asked us, we’d live in Bradshaw’s shoe closet. But then again Samantha’s accessories never disappoint. Either way, each SATC star has incredible and covetable style, and we’d be thrilled to swap (or just simply browse) any of their wardrobes.

Scroll down to see the Snap Story for yourself.

Which SATC star do you think has the best wardrobe? We want to know in the comments below. 

Opening Image: Getty Images