17 Stylish H&M Pieces That Look 10 Times the Price


Collage Vintage

Listen up—H&M is one of those affordable retailers that can look 10 times the price when the items are selected carefully enough. Our recommendation for sifting through the clutter is to start at the new arrivals section. Here, you will find every new item before it gets buried beneath everything else, and chances are it will be totally chic. This week, the new arrivals section at H&M was quite exceptional, containing the kinds of products that fashion girls don't have to think twice about purchasing.

Not only are there extremely on-trend items (oversize sweatshirts, ruffles, and patent) hiding in this section of freshly debuted products, but the items also look so expensive. The kind of expensive where people ask you where you got that, you say H&M, and their jaws drop to the ground. And let's be real—who doesn't want that?

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