This Is Officially the Most Stylish Decade in NYC Fashion


Actress Ali MacGraw, 1969; Harry Dempster/Getty Images

New York City has always been the city of choice for many American designers, so it's no wonder it has been on the forefront of fashion trends since way back when. In an article published by New York Magazine, we hear from four experts in fashion and their take on New York City's most fashionable decade. While Simon Doonan, writer and creative ambassador-at-large to Barneys New York, loved the bold style of the '80s, the rest of the panel pretty much agreed that the style of the 1960s made for an iconic decade in fashion.

"That era of Breakfast at Tiffany's. It’s during the early '60s, but people still dressed like it was the 1950s—vaguely formal. The politics of the era I'm pushing aside. Aesthetically, people looked so spectacular," says Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan. "Early-'60s dress-up was the first era that came to mind, and I (sort of) witnessed it," adds artist Laurie Simmons—but she also discusses the fashion shift that came with the latter years of the decade, which popularized bellbottoms and maxi dresses. "By the late '60s, the combo of the end of Carnaby Street and high hippie was making for some incredible street fashion with many, many visible human hours of jean embroidery—mine included."

The style transformation that came with the late '60s was Paper editorial director Mickey Boardman's favorite time because so many different looks intersected. "I love when decades change, but the fashion hasn't caught up yet. I go for the late '60s, early '70s, when you have mothers dressing like Lana Turner and daughters dressing like Janis Joplin, and sometimes you had a combination, like an old society lady wearing Pucci hippie dresses," he explained. 

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