Would You Wear This Best-Selling '90s Wedding Dress Today?

Clearly, not every fashion trend from the '90s has stood the test of time. Though we're still fans of pieces like chokers, other looks should remain firmly in the past—think over-the-top Spice Girls getups. But when it comes to bridal wear, Monique Lhuillier seems to have found to secret to creating trends with longevity. 

In honor of the 20th anniversary of her brand, Monique Lhuillier sat down with Harper's Bazaar to reminisce about the past two decades. We learned a lot of fascinating tidbits about her gowns, but we immediately zeroed in on her comment about one dress in particular: a 1999 gown dubbed the Valerie.  "This was one of my best selling dresses!" Lhuillier told Harper's Bazaar. "I envisioned a modern day ballerina by adding cascading bows down the tulle skirt." 

This popular gown wouldn't look out of place in a 2016 wedding—we think modern-day women would be just as enamored with this gown as the '90s brides who swiped it up with fervor. So we're dying to know: Do you agree? 

Scroll down to see the '90s wedding dress Monique Lhuillier said was one of her most popular designs!


Monique Lhuillier/Harper's Bazaar 

Would you wear this wedding dress today? Tell us in the comments below, and then shop modern Monique Lhuillier dresses for yourself!

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