321,000 People Want to Wear These 8 Summer Trends—Do You?


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Summer trends seem to be all we can think about as the highly anticipated season gets closer and closer. Since we know you like to be continuously updated on the latest and greatest trends and styles in the industry, we wanted to give you a tidbit of insider information that you otherwise wouldn't have access to. In order to do that, we reached out to the brilliant data analysts over at Lyst to find out which summer 2017 trends people are searching for the most.

Thanks to the team's intriguing (and kind of surprising) data, we have eight fresh summer trends to bring to your attention today. From tropical Hawaiian shirts to the It swimsuit style of the summer, the data analysts at Lyst were able to narrow down the number of searches within a given time period, which designers are producing said product, along with other insightful information that will have you thinking twice about the styles ahead.

Go on to shop the eight most searched-for trends of summer 2017, according to the data analysts from Lyst.