So These Are the Most Popular Sneakers on Pinterest

With so many sneaker options on the market, it can be quite a challenge to narrow it down to one pair (or several) that are worthy of your hard-earned paycheck. Which is why we reached out to the experts at Pinterest for a little insight as to which ones everyone is interested in right now. And the team confirmed that there's a clear winner.

The most-pinned sneakers (which have been saved 164K times and counting) surprisingly aren't by one of the major sneaker brands, as you'd expect. The trending sneakers in question are a black embossed leather pair by ethically responsible brand Kaanas. The company started in 2014 with espadrilles, and now, it makes a slew of casual shoe styles, each of which is still handmade by master artisans. Celebs and the fashion crowd have been wearing black sneakers on repeat as of late, so it comes as no surprise that people would be searching for them on Pinterest. Additionally, this Kaanas pair is chic and polished enough to wear with a wide variety of outfits. Intrigued?

See and shop the most popular sneakers on Pinterest (and shop more black leather sneakers we love) below!