New York and Los Angeles Can't Agree on the Most Popular Jean Style

Personal style is not quite like real estate—aka it’s not all about location, location, location. But in the latest data released by Polyvore, where you live might affect what kind of jeans you’re on the hunt for. And especially so if you live in New York or Los Angeles.

Gathering information from “fashion-forward users in big cities across the globe,” as stated in a press release, Polyvore complied a list of the most in-demand jeans for the East and West Coast cities. For New York, it was determined that fringed denim is the most coveted style, while Angelenos are itching to get their hands on a pair of embroidered jeans. High-waist, lace-up, camo, and pearl jeans each made the top 10 list for both cities, but beyond that, there were several differences. For instance, two-tone jeans are popular in the East while searches for mom jeans are higher in the West.

You don't have to let the data sway you one way or the other, but if you were stumped on where to start when it comes to fall denim trends, consider any of these suggestions to be certified crowd-pleasers. Scroll down to shop some of the most searched-for styles in New York and Los Angeles, respectively.

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