What Spanish Girls Are Buying From Zara This Fall


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News flash—Zara is a worldwide phenomenon. Women from all over gravitate toward the fast-fashion brand for the latest affordable trends. But are the items we gravitate toward the same? Surely not. The first country I was curious about was Spain. Considering Zara originated there, I figured Spanish women would have a particularly keen eye for the coolest Zara items of the moment, and I was right.

To help me interpret the Zara vibes of Spain's most stylish women, I reached out to Glamour Spain editor Irene Crespo. After chatting with her co-workers and observing the general population, Irene revealed the most popular Zara items in Spain right now. "I'd say Spanish-girl style is very linked to Zara. For my generation (I'm 33) and all my generations behind me, Zara has been always a part of our life and our closets. As you may know, here, Zara is much cheaper than in other countries, so it always helps us to build our own unique style, which I think follows trends but with a twist," Irene told us. The must-have, Spanish girl–approved Zara items closely align with her description and are just as covetable here in the United States as they are in Spain.

Go on to find out which Zara items Spanish girls are buying right now.