13 Jeans to Buy Now Before Everyone Else Does


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If there's one great unifier across America—well, when it comes to wardrobes, at least—it's denim. From Southern California to Austin, Texas, to the streets of Brooklyn, New York, everywhere you go, we can guarantee you'll find cool girls wearing jeans.

But just as some call it "soda," some call it "pop," and others still call it "coke" (truly one of our country's greatest divides), there's variation in the denim we choose. Maybe it's cropped flares all the locals are obsessed with this season, or maybe everyone's on the hunt for the perfect pair of crisp white jeans—whatever it is, boutique owners and fashion directors are the first to know.

Going straight to the source, we talked to shopkeepers in five different cities—including many outside the traditional fashion hubs of NYC and L.A.—to find out what styles their customers are scooping up right now.

Below, get the lowdown on 13 pairs of jeans that are selling like mad in some of the coolest stores across the country for spring.

Now that you know exactly which jeans to shop, here's a look at the fresh way fashion girls are styling denim for spring.