This Is Officially the Most Popular Boot Style in NYC


Collage Vintage

New York City always seems to be one step ahead, and in this case, we mean that quite literally. The team at Polyvore recently told us that they pooled their "data to reveal the top 10 searched boots by fashion-forward users in big cities across the globe." Which city do you think we looked at first? New York, of course. Much to our surprise, the most popular boot search in NYC isn't ankle boots—it's combat boots.

Maybe it's because winter is coming, or maybe it's because the life of a New Yorker requires comfortable walking shoes 24/7—either way, combat boots took the cake in the boot-trend competition, and we are fully on board. Boots that are comfortable, edgy, and totally on-trend for fall? Yep, New York girls definitely got this one right. Because we know you're curious, we posted the full list of the most popular boot trends in NYC. We know—the runner-up is pretty shocking.

Most popular boots in New York City:

Combat boots
Denim boots
White booties
Velvet boots
Platform boots
White ankle boots
Embroidered boots
Patent-leather boots
Moon boots
Ankle boots

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