It's Official: This Is the Most Marketable Celebrity

Celebrity brand endorsements are a dime a dozen these days, but according to new data, there's one A-lister who stands out from the pack. 

As WWD reported, data from The NPD Group shows that none other than Rihanna takes the cake as the most marketable celebrity. The report explains: "Rihanna’s index score of 367 means that she has almost 3.7 times as many strong brand endorsement opportunities as the average big-name celebrity.” NPD Group vice president Barbara Zack told WWD about the importance of the data, saying, “[Chief marketing officers and chief financial officers] have long asked for better data to help inform their expensive sponsorship decisions." 

In honor of Rihanna's new distinction, scroll down to shop sneakers from one of her biggest endorsements: Puma!

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Opening image: Getty Images