These Are the Most Googled Fashion Questions of 2015

Quick: Take a look at your Google search history. If you turned to the search engine to answer your most burning fashion questions, you're not alone. As Fashionista reported, Google released its list of the top 10 trending fashion questions of 2015. The results run the gamut from shoe quandaries to wedding dilemmas. See the full list below: 

1. How to walk in heels
2. What to wear on the first day of school
3. How to fray jeans
4. How to tie a shirt
5. What should a bride wear to the rehearsal dinner
6. What to wear booties with
7. What are mules shoes
8. What to wear to a wedding in the woods
9. How to dress up like Miranda Sings
10. What color shoes go with a black and blue dress

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What fashion questions did you Google the most this year? Tell us in the comments below!