No Matter What Your Body Shape Is, This Spring Trend Will Flatter You


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Why don’t people ever talk about how frustrating trends can be sometimes? One minute, the seven chokers you’ve bought are “out,” and the next, the trend that is “in” looks horrible on your particular body type. While we clearly love participating in, reporting on, and predicting new trends here at Who What Wear, we are well aware that not all trends sit well with all people. However, we think we’ve found a particular spring style that is flattering on all body types—statement sleeves.

Before we get into all the particulars of why this 2017 spring trend is going to look amazing on you, you might be asking yourself, What is my body type? In addition to the brief breakdown provided for you below, check out our more in-depth analysis on dressing for your body type, finding out your real body type, and two easy steps for the latter. This way, we can all be on the same page.

Now, back to statement sleeves. The reason this spring trend can flatter so many female body types is because it comes in many variations, ranging from cascading ruffled sleeves to oversize cuffs, all of which fall under the general category of, well, sleeves that make a statement. Since every woman’s body deserves to be celebrated, why not shower yours with the sartorial gift of a really cool set of sleeves? Based on the body type you identify with below, we give our two cents on which particular bold sleeve will look best on your shape. Although this should go without saying, we encourage you to wear whatever you feel your best in—the recommendations below are simply that: recommendations. Are you ready to shop?

Go on to see which type of statement sleeve we think will look best on your body type.