A Victoria's Secret Model Swears By This One Photogenic Pose

When it comes to striking the perfect pose to look great in photos, there's no better expert to tap than a model. So when we were catching up with Chanel Iman at the Hudson Jeans Photo Booth at FYF Fest in L.A. last weekend, one of our burning questions was how she always looks so good and effortless in her photos. A pro at nailing the shot whether she's working or off duty, Iman spilled her go-to pose she swears works every time.

"I feel like every girl [looks good] when she looks over her shoulder," explains Iman. "It's a very flirty, sexy pose—and it works for everybody." A quick scroll through the Victoria's Secret model's Instagram proves this to be true, though admittedly she's mastered a range of poses. On the subject of selfies, Iman knows that good lighting and knowing your angles are what make the shot. "I do it to the left and look up," she admits. "It's all about the lighting really and the angle of where you position the camera on your face."

Head below to see Chanel Iman demonstrating her fail-safe—and universally flattering—pose at FYF Fest.


Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

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Opening Image: Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images