These Leggings Are Guaranteed to Make Your Butt Look Amazing



As we've pointed out before, every celebrity owns a least one pair of Alo leggings. The Los Angeles–based brand is at the top of the heap when it comes to the coolest, most forward takes on the legging trend. The brand recently released its spring collection, which is naturally filled with everything you need for an It girl–worthy activewear wardrobe.

While perusing the brand's new arrivals, we spotted something called Tech Lift leggings, and we instantly had to know more about them, given that they claimed to create "the airbrushed version of you". We reached out to the brand for all the details on these butt-lifting new leggings and were met with a response from Danny Harris, Alo's co-founder and CEO. Harris said, "[The] new Tech Lift leggings sculpt, lift, and shape more than anything out on the market, and we are thrilled to be raising the bar again with this innovative performance fabric. For spring, we did a high-waist black style and some really nice patterned options." The product description also states that the Tech Lift leggings have a second-skin fit and feel, which is code for "very comfortable" in our book.

Want to try out its butt-lifting capabilities for yourself? Shop Alo's new Tech Lift leggings below!

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