Every Body Type Looks Good in These Jeans

Recently, we set out on a quest to uncover which denim style looks best on every body type, but before we could start, we had to figure out where to look. Our first inclination was to research celebrities, whose style is integral to the WWW brand DNA, but we quickly found that for this endeavor, there was a much better, more diverse sample set to be looked at: bloggers. Ranging in heights, body types, and personal style, the blogger world is the perfect place to test and prove theories or to uncover something you didn’t know about fashion.

In the case of today’s topic—which jeans are the most flattering for all body types—we looked at blog after blog, with girls styling jeans in more ways than one can ever imagine, and the images (aka evidence) overwhelmingly pointed to skinny jeans as the most flattering style across the board. To prove it, today we’re showing you ten of our favorite looks.

Scroll through to see the diverse ways in which these girls wear their skinny jeans, and then shop our picks of the most flattering denim style.