The Best Fashion-Girl Finds at Forever 21 Right Now

Photo: Style du Monde

Since Forever 21 gets in new product by the barrel, when sorting through their offerings, it proves to be nearly impossible to tell which items are new arrivals and which are recurring products. So much so that when you find something extraordinarily good, it almost seems as though the retailer was hiding it from you. Well, we can assure you, the Forever 21 items you're about to shop were not hidden, just lost in the crowd.

Ahead, we bring you the Forever 21 items fashion girls are going to flip over. We're talking mesh tube socks, distressed denim jackets, track pants resembling those from Vetements, and much more. All that's left to do now is shop the hidden treasures we've been speaking so fondly of for yourself.

Keep reading to shop the latest Forever 21 items we are loving!