The ASOS Pieces Only True Fashion Girls Would Buy

Photo: A Love Is Blind 

While scrolling through the new-arrivals section at ASOS, we discovered too much gold not to share with you all. It's not every day you come across affordable finds that double as a top-notch fashion-girl pieces, but ASOS did exactly that. In the shopping selection ahead, you'll uncover open-back dresses, ruffled denim jackets, and white mules (one of the biggest shoe trends of the year)—all at prices that will put a smile on your face.

If we know you as well as we think we do, it will come as no surprise to us if, while shopping, you let out a sigh of relief as you nonchalantly add these on-trend items to your cart. Since we can assume you consider yourself the most in-the-know member of your friend group when it comes to fashion, these affordable and forward finds are sure to be winners.

Keep reading to shop the ASOS new arrivals that fashion girls will absolutely love.