Asking for a Friend: What Does One Wear With a $380,000 Handbag?

We know all about saving up for a major fashion splurge. Heck, there’s always seems to be some dream item that’s on our minds. But at a recent auction at Christie’s, one shopper walked away with a $380,000 handbag, sufficiently blowing all our piggy banks out of the water.

According to Bloomberg, the prize item sold today was a Hermès Birkin bag with a white crocodile-skin exterior. While that item alone might run you well over five figures, this particular style is especially luxurious because of its details of 18-karat gold and 10 karats of diamonds.

In case the style sounds familiar, this same design already sold at a previous auction last year for a little over $300,000. But due to the exclusivity of a Birkin bag and its steady appreciation in price, today's record-making bid saw a price increase of nearly $100,000. At this rate, a half-million-dollar price tag isn't too far away.

Take a look at the style below, as well as a few more-realistic handbag investments.

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Opening Image: Style du Monde