10 Years Later, These Cult Sweatpants Are Still Selling Like Crazy

Turning 10 for a brand is a huge deal (we know from experience, after all). But for Monrow, the West Coast–based company that’s been leading the athleisure trend since before it was in our lexicon, turning 10 could also mean it’s about to enter its most impressive year yet.

The brand was created by college friends Michelle Wenke and Megan George, who were looking for a chic and pared-down alternative to the logomania casualwear of the early aughts (Juicy Couture, for instance). But while it’s commonplace for brands with a decade’s worth of experience to have seen a lot of change, the things that remain constant for Monrow are the same things powering its success.

“We launched with the vintage sweats and the basic tee,” Wenke said when we chatted with her over the phone, “which are still offered in the line today–still our top sellers.” In fact, Monrow told us the brand sells 10,000 units each of the camo Vintage Sweats ($135) and Granite Fitted V Neck Tee ($58) every month.

Below, we chatting with Wenke about why her collection is still leading the pack in an athleisure-saturated market, and why we (and our moms) should all own a pair of her cult-favorite sweats.

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