Monogram Just Made the Coolest T-Shirt Ever for Women With a Voice

There's never been a time when strong women and the slogans that speak for them and their feminist values are more mainstream, whether it's "nasty women unite," "girl boss," "lean in," or "the future is female." Now, extra-cool L.A.-based clothing brand Monogram is taking things one step further in terms of empowering the consumer. It just released a new shirt that allows you to "just say no to" anything you want—the shirt has a fill-in-the-blank space and comes with a marker that's washable so you can change the answer as often as you like. It can be as serious or as trivial as you want it to be because what matters to you is all that matters. Just say no to loud neighbors, the wage gap, or even spinach.

We find this T-shirt to be one of the coolest, most empowering things a clothing brand has done for women in a long time. The ability to fill in the blank empowers you to use your voice and share your values as you please.

As Monogram says about the T-shirt, it's a reminder to stay outspoken and literally wear your opinion. "Whether you're frustrated by politics or just don't like lima beans, it's a way to express your mood on any given day," it said. You have a voice, so you might as well wear it loud and proud across your chest!

Keep scrolling to see what it looks like and shop the shirt!