Why Mom Jeans Are the Best Thanksgiving Attire

I’m in love with mom jeans, and I’m not afraid to admit it. In my opinion, there also happens to be no better day of the year to embrace the style than the one day when women everywhere say screw what other people think about them and their waistlines: Thanksgiving.

See, mom jeans aren’t supposed to be conventionally attractive. They’re not out to highlight your best assets, or draw members of whichever sex you may be interested in towards you on a primal level. They’re not the LBD, or the stiletto pump, or the skinny jean, or the DVF wrap dress, and they’re not trying to do or be anything other than what they are. It’s in that unabashed lack of concern for aesthetics or impressing people that I think mom jeans derive their power.

After all, is there anything cooler than something not trying to be cool? Once upon a time, mom jeans earned their cheeky nickname because they were worn so prevalently by “unhip” moms, who, to be honest, really didn’t give a damn how they were perceived. If they did, they would have been wearing a cooler, of-the-moment trend or style. Instead, they threw on jeans that simply did the job—and oftentimes, brought attention to their lower belly fat. How ballsy and badass is that?

They weren’t hell-bent on achieving optical illusions and using fashion to hide or minimize the lower belly—a “trouble” area in terms of stubborn fat for many women and post-baby moms. No, moms of the original mom jean era effectively said, ‘Eff it,’ with their denim of choice, refusing (even if without realizing it) to cater to what was sexy or cool by everyone else’s standards.  

Cut to more than a decade later, and even though mom jeans have been appropriated by a devil-may-care fashion crowd (see: The Man Repeller), the general public still finds them hideous, uncool, unflattering, and “never going to happen.” Which is exactly why, on a day like Thanksgiving, during which food babies will be made and waistlines will expand in direct contrast to our society’s standards of unrealistically waif-thin women, I say don a pair of mom jeans proudly. Wear a pair of mom jeans in the name of all women before you who have dared to eschew what is widely accepted as “flattering” for women to wear, knowing, and refusing to care, they they’d be judged for it.

Happy eating and mom jean-wearing to you and yours.

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